Brendon Hill Crafts

Brendon Hill Crafts

Brendon Hill Crafts was founded over 30 years ago, by Liz & David Jessup, as a cottage industry on the eastern edge of Exmoor, and close to the iron ore mine which we use as a logo on our labels. The business originally produced fudge, truffles and home-made preserves, although gradually the preserves took over full time.

Brendon Hills now operate from a purpose-designed kitchen on the edge of Barnstaple, cooking in small pans that produce 20-25 jars at a time. Jars are hand-filled, hand-labelled.

The Tantivy offers a wide range comprising a wide variety of jam, marmalade, chutney, jellies, fruit sauces, fruit vinegars, and fruit cheeses.  Our most popular product remains the Whortleberry Jam, with the West Country Cider Chutney following close behind!

12-16 Fore Street, Dulverton
Exmoor, TA22 9EX

01398 323 465

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