Styles Ice Cream

Styles Ice Cream

If you think of Exmoor Ice-cream you think of Styles and if you think of Styles you think of The Tantivy.

“For generations, the Baker family have farmed the land at Styles Farm, originally starting in sheep’s milk ice cream in 1988 and then eventually diversifying into dairy ice cream. With 29 years of experience, we now have over 20 dairy flavours and four Sheep’s milk flavours that contain no artificial colours or flavourings and are made using only fresh whole Jersey cow’s milk or fresh local sheep’s milk and with the only added fat being fresh West Country double or clotted cream.”

The Tantivy offer over 12 flavours to scoop in a variety of cheeky cones and additional extras (Clotted Cream is most people’s decadent addition). If you don’t fancy one now we always have a variety of tubs to keep in the freezer for those ‘must have’ moments – our must have is always the Blackberry and Double Cream for which eating is believing!


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