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The Tantivy is now proud to serve the single Origin Coffee from Voyager within our Café - this superior, freshly ground coffee is simply hard to beat!

The Voyager Coffee journey started back in 2001 and this is their story.

Somewhere between the metropolitan streets of France and the indigenous coffee fields of South Africa the Voyager MD, Andrew, was inspired to bring the superior coffee tastes he discovered on the road to the South West.

Voyager started life as Coffee West Ltd. supplying Devon and Cornwall with their own Italian ROCCA coffee – a brand that’s still going strong today.

Since then they’ve grown to become one of the largest coffee suppliers in the South West, expanding their product range and sourcing the finest coffee beans from around the world.

In 2014 Voyager decided to start roasting their own coffee and built a roastery at our headquarters in Buckfastleigh.

Voyager Coffee was born.

By sourcing their own green beans and roasting their own blends and single origins, they have full control over the quality, freshness and flavour of the coffee we now sell at the Tantivy.

The majority of the beans they roast in house have sustainable accreditation. Sustainability and responsibility has always been a priority for Voyager. Voyager work hard to ensure that their supply routes are ethical and sustainable farms rather than using mass production with lots of sprayed chemicals.

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