Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin

Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin

Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin uses a combination 11 botanicals producing complex layers of citrus and pepper notes finely balanced with the distinct flavours of juniper and coriander, resulting in a mature, premium spirit. Hibiscus, cardamom and kaffir lime leaves are used with these traditional aromatics creating a full-flavoured, smooth gin. Each aromatic is prepared by hand, infused and distilled separately resulting in 11 individual distillates which are then skillfully blended. The goal is to produce maximum flavour and smoothness.

This famous gin is in stock all year at the Tantivy but look out for those limited additions that pop up every now and again!

12-16 Fore Street, Dulverton
Exmoor, TA22 9EX

01398 323 465

Saxon-Jones Enterprises Ltd

Registered in England and Wales No:11013149
VAT No: 284 6678 49